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Virginity Loss, Pot Smoking and More...

We’ve seen the script for her newest film and all we can say is – WOW. Racy Miley is here to stay!
If you thought Miley Cyrus couldn’t be tamed before, just wait until you see the movie she’s currently shooting! got our slick little hands on an early version of the LOL: Laughing Out Loud script and let us tell you – Miley is definitely going full throttle with her bad girl image!

OK, so there’s no pole dancing in this coming-of-age story for the Generation Z crowd, but Miley DOES indulge in some pretty racy teenage behavior. As Lola – who is described as a “teenage Aphrodite, minus the confidence” – the 17-year-old actress loses her virginity, talks about sex incessantly, smokes marijuana, kisses one of her two  best female friends on the lips,  gets wasted and accidentally shows her mom, Ann, (Demi Moore) her Brazilian wax. Exactly – Hannah Montana she is NOT.

We loved this line best, mostly because we’ve been harboring similar thoughts about Miley and her risque new look.”You’re my daughter,” Ann tells Lola – whose nickname happens to be LOL, “And I won’t let you turn into a porn star!” LOL indeed.

While Miley’s turn as a soul-searching teen who wants to try EVERYTHING (bad and good) in life isn’t such a hard line to swallow, Ashley Greene’s metamorphosis is a lot more fun to read! The Twilight star plays completely against type as Lola’s arch-nemesis, the slutty (and aptly named) Ashley – who’s nicknamed “The Post It”  because “she sticks to every guy.”

We wonder what new her BF Joe Jonas has to say about that!

Source: HollywoodLife,

Jetzt Gleich !! Sieh dir die brandneue H*M Forever Episode an!! LIVE Übertragung via DisneyChannel

Hannah★Montana: Been Here All Along

>>Jetzt Gleich !!

Montag, 23. August um 21 uhr Abends >>Nur hier LIVE >><<

Mehr TV-Zeit Übertragungen hier:


Wayne Newton Worried For Miley

Wayne Newton is worried that fame is coming too easily to today's young stars. In a recent interview in Washington, Newton says it's pretty frightening to think that one day someone can be totally unheard of and the next they could be on the lips of practically everybody in the world. He says that what they don't realize is that fame goes as quickly as it comes.

He says young stars like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus don't have time to hone their craft. Newton says stars need to time to learn that every decision they make will either hamper or endear them for the rest of their life.
He says that he's concerned because when the industry is finished with a star, it just looks for the next one.

Source: TheAssociatedPress

Miley Cyrus Unexpected Transition?

Since its debut on March 2006, Hannah Montana caught the imagination of a nation’s teen. The daytime simple lass Miley Stewart and the nighttime pop singer Hannah Montana spelled the transition dream of countless teens fascinated with the media and celebrity culture. The show became immensely popular among the parents, too. And the face behind it all was Miley Cyrus.

Four years down the line, Miley has grown and so has the show. The fourth and last season of the Disney hit has premiered last month but there is a tune of sadness in the air among the hardcore Hannah Montana fans. And the main reason for that would be the transition of Miley Cyrus herself. Just like Hannah Montana, she has grown up to be a pop-star, it is true but the transition is not very similar to what the fans of the show expected, the parents included.

With “Can’t Be Tamed,” Miley has gone for a complete image overhaul. In a hurry to join the big league, her hot pants are getting hotter by the day, the cleavage point is slipping south and she is busy engaging in lesbian kisses on stage. Hardly what you had expected from Hannah Montana or Miley Stewart, for that matter!

But then that was Miley Cyrus’ own choice. Disney, for one, isn’t endorsing it to be sure. Many also believe that with the path she has taken, she will slip into the populous zone of mediocrity soon and the revamp will be detrimental to both her acting and singing career.

But all that rests in the womb of future. Yet one thing is sure- those who loved Hannah Montana will always love Miley Cyrus of this Disney show. No one can take that away from her.

From: Entertainmentandshowbiz

Hmm i think it's called "Growing up", most people change radically between the ages 13-17.

I'm Back: Anni ist wieder da !! :D & MORE


Ich (Anni) bin endlich wieder aus meinem Urlaub zurück...heute bin ich angekommen und es war einfach wunderschön...sehr entspannend ;)

Aber ich habe OWM schon vermisst!! Gott sei Dank hatte ich am Ende Internetanschluss xD
So habe ich alle Miley News usw. schon auch mitbekommen!!

Ich möchte mich an dieser Stelle wirklich nochmal für das fleißige Posten von euch allen bedanken (Chris, Melli, There)
Dankeschöön, was hätte ich bloß ohne euch gemacht??!! ;)

So & jetzt noch ein paar Infos wie es hier weitergeht auf OWM, weil wie ihr wisst, ist schon ganz bald (6. September) der OWM B-Day!!

Für unseren B-Day Header wollen wir, dass IHR aktiv werdet und dann euer Bild im Header sehen könnt!!
Krissi wird eine Animation aus EUREN Stuff-Einsendungen machen..also nichts wie los, sendet uns B-Day Stuff; Bearbeitete Miley Pics usw...
an diese E-Mail Adresse:

Wie ihr viell. schon gesehen habt, hat Melli auch schon ein anderes Programm zusammengestellt!! Hier ist es nochmal, aber vielleicht ändern oder streichen wir auch nochmal was...

Montag , 6.09 - Style Day [Neuer Style der Seite (Layout,Farben etc.)]
Dienstag , 7.09 - Premades Day
Mittwoch , 8.09 - Chat Day (17:00 Uhr - 18:30 Uhr)
Donnerstag , 9.09 - Der ultimative Miley Test
Freitag , 10.09 - Geschenke

Ich hoffe doch, das entspricht so euren Vorstellungen von einer B-Day Party :DD

Eine schlechte Nachricht gibts aber noch, ich muss euch leider sagen, dass ich am Wochenende vor dem OWM B-Day nochmal verreise..aber wirklich nur übers Wochenende; ich bin rechtzeitig zur Party zurück :)

Na dann Viel Spaß noch!!

xoxo Anni

P.S: Viell. kommt heute oder morgen noch der Header online, der bei der Umfrage 'verloren' hat...wir dachten, er sei auch sehr schön und müsste noch gezeigt werden :)

Eva Longoria

The American Actress Eva Longoria

Full Name: Eva Jacqueline Longoria[1]

March 15, 1975 (age 35) Corpus Christi, Texas, U.S.

Other name(s):
Eva Longoria, Eva Longoria-Parker


Years active:

Tyler Christopher (2002–2004), Tony Parker (2007–present)


The one of the famous celebrities Eva Jacqueline Longoria Parker is an American actress. Eva is best recognized for portraying Gabrielle Solis on the ABC television sequence Desperate Housewives.

Eva became a countrywide familiar model in the 2000s after come into view in more than a few high-profile publicity campaigns and numerous men's magazines, attainment #14 in the FHM "Sexiest Women 2008" poll, and having emerged on the cover of a variety of international women's magazines as well as Vogue, Marie Claire and Harper's Bazaar. Longoria wedded NBA guard Tony Parker in 2007.

Awards and Nominations

ALMA Awards

(Won: 2 , Year: 2002, 2006 & Nominations: 0, Year: -)







ALMA Award

Person of the Year



ALMA Award

Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama
for: "The Young and the Restless" (1973)

Golden Globes, USA

(Won: 0 , Year: - & Nominations: 1, Year: 2006 )

Bambi Awards

(Won: 1 , Year: 2007 & Nominations: 0, Year: - )



Bambi TV Series

for: "Desperate Housewives" (2004)

for more Awards

for more news about: Eva Longoria

Miley Cyrus "Who Owns My Heart"- Official Premiere @ August 27, 2010

@NoraCyrus: Even wikipedia says another date:"Who Owns My Heart" will be released as the album's second single.

The music video began filming on August 7, 2010 in Detroit, Michigan and was directed by Robert Hales.The Premiere will be on August 27.

Vanessa Minnillo

American Television Personality Vanessa Minnillo

Born: November 9, 1980 (age 29) Clark Air Base, Angeles City, Philippines

Bishop England High School


Helen Bercero & Vince Minnillo


The one of the famous celebrities Vanessa Joy Minnillo is an American television personality, television host, model, and actress. And a previous Miss Teen USA, she has been a New York-based reporter for Entertainment Tonight and a swarm of Total Request Live on MTV.

Award and Nominations

Teen Choice Awards

(Won: 0 , Year: - & Nominations: 1, Year: 2006)







Teen Choice Award

TV - Choice Personality
for: "Total Request Live" (1998)
Also for "Entertainment Tonight" (1981).

for more Awards
for more news about: Vanessa Minnillo

Miley Songs bei Popstars!

Seit Donnerstag läuft auf Prosieben die neue "Popstars-Girls Forever" - Staffel. Und bei der ersten Folge wurden 2 Songs von Miley, Stay und Can't Be Tamed, für die Hintergrundmusik verwendet .
Ich habe mal den kleinen Part rausgeschnitten und auf YouTube hochgegeladen.

Thx an:

More Fan Photos @ Somerset Mall

Why Miley's Extensions Are So Good

 It's very, very common for all manner of celebrities—A-list, B-list, and Kardashian—to have extensions, from Nicole Kidman and Cameron Diaz on down. Miley Cyrus has quite a decent headful of work, for example.

The reason why people like Britney and Lindsay do not? Well, how's this for an inside lock, er, look...

Most experts in this field must know how to cut and color hair while they're applying hair extensions; otherwise the finished product can appear jarring or simply fake—a waste of a full day at the salon. (And, yes, that's usually how long it takes to get a decent set of extensions—even for celebrities. That and, say, three grand.)

"The biggest mistake a stylist can make is saying, 'OK, you have brown hair, so here are some brown extensions," explains Kristina Barricelli, extension specialist at Gemini 14 salon.

When she does Cyrus's hair, for example, Barricelli makes sure to include three or four different shades of brunette into the mix.

Now let's talk about bad extensions.

Off the record, celebrity stylists tell me that one unfortunate star, who shall remain nameless but vaguely guessable, is her own worst enemy when it comes to her hair.

The star's extensions experts do a terrific job. But, I am told, the star does not allow the team to cut her hair to realistically blend the disparate pieces. The result: a head that looks like two eagles have been fighting over the nesting rights.

As for LiLo, the problem is slightly different. I asked Barricelli about what she thought of Lohan's extensions.

"Lindsay tends to like to wear her hair all one length," Barricelli noted to me. "If she were to get the right cut, with some layers to all movement into the hair, it would be a lot more believable."

Kate Gosselin could use a better hair job, too.

"You really need at least four inches or more of hair to start with," notes Ashley Anna, Great Lengths styling expert. "And since her hair was shorter than that, her hair looked like a mullet. Right now you can see where her own hair stops. A good option for her while growing her hair out would have been a lace front wig, which is what Beyoncé wears."

Maybe when LiLo finally has some, uh, free time her first stop should be at Barricelli's place?

Source: EOnline


★Destiny Hope Cyrus alias Miley Ray Cyrus★

★8 albums ★9 movies ★4 show seasons 
★2 sold out tours ★100+ written songs  
★13 awards &
★only 17 years old !!
Credit: mrcsupport,

New Fan Photo

Miley with a Shane Dawson fan posted @ShaneDawson

Katy Perry Talks About Miley in Interview

"She knows exactly what she's doing. I think a lot of pop girls who come from a bit of a controlled (thing) -- Nickelodeon or whatever it is -- they always feel the need that they've got to shed their skin, and bloom again, and butterfly, or peacock, or whatever. I love her. And I think she's hot. I like what she's doing. She's a smart little cookie." 

For full interview go here ->  Jam

Custom pieces and sculptures for set of the movie “LOL: Laughing Out Loud,” August 21, 2010

Photo by JOHN HAEGER Abdula Keita of Teaneck, N.J., poses with some of his African items for sale at his booth on the main field of the Madison-Bouckville Antiques Show on Saturday, August 21, 2010.

> He creates custom pieces and sculptures and recently made a kitchen island for the set of the movie “LOL: Laughing Out Loud,” currently being filmed with Demi Moore and Miley Cyrus.


Emily Osment´s "Fight Or Flight" Album Tracklist - Confirmed by herself @EmilyOsment via Twitter

Fight Or Flight
Emily Osment (Künstler) | Format: Audio CD
Veröffentlichung: 5. Oktober 2010

EmilyOsment: Announcing the #FightOrFlight Tracklisting...
about 1 hour ago via HootSuite

Track 1: Lovesick
Track 2: Get Yer Yah-Yah’s Out
Track 3: 1-800 Clap Your Hands (The Water is Rising)
Track 4: Marisol
Track 5: The Cycle
Track 6: All the Boys Want
Track 7: Double Talk
Track 8: Truth or Dare
Track 9: Lets Be Friends

Track 10: You Get Me Through
Track 11: Gotta Believe in Something

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